Starfish and Coffee: 010

Starfish and Coffee: 010

My guest today is Andrew Kaufman. He's the (magical realism) author of The Tiny Wife (one of the greatest novels ever written in my opinion), Born Weird, All My Friends Are Superheroes, Small Claims, The Waterproof Bible and, most recently, The Ticking Heart.

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This is our second time of meeting. The first was just after publication of The Tiny Wife - you can read that here if you're of such a mind. In those short ten years (because it really does seem like yesterday) a lot of water has disappeared under the bridge. I think we cover most of it in this episode.

Alongside of touching the important bases and talking about The Ticking Heart (available from all good amazon stores wherever you may be), we also manage to stuff the hour with chat about: magical realism, print culture, fanzines, analogue subculture, literary awards (and why they suck when as readers, we just want to be entertained), Richard Brautigan and why he loves Watermelon Sugar and I don't, divorce, the concept of hope and a whole lot of other jazz as it crawls across the table in front of us.

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