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Starfish and Coffee: Episode 19 • Gef The Talking Mongoose with Christopher Josiffe

Starfish and Coffee: Episode 19 • Gef The Talking Mongoose with Christopher Josiffe




I’ve looked forward to doing this one for a long time! The story of Gef The Talking Mongoose (late of the Isle of Man) sadly gets less notorious every year. I’ve tried my best to spread the word but this episode features Christopher Josiffe who is an actual expert on Gef - maybe between us, we can spread this incredible tale further afield in all the right ways… though as you’ll hear in the episode, a movie is coming down the line any time now featuring Neil Gaiman as Gef. I can’t beat that, but I can certainly back it up.

In this episode, we dig into Gef and his brilliant story but if you want to know more, Mr Josiffe has written the book on Gef and you can find that right here. Between that and this, there’s not much more to know… Gef will always be a complete enigma.

One thing I do know for sure though: Mr Josiffe will return - there’s far too much good stuff in his head to let him go that easily.

You can find him on twitter:

and if you’re still confused, he has a website right here which will explain everything.

[For those interested, there is a premium subscriber episode in which we fell into the water without life-jackets and found ourselves swimming around in: Fairies vomiting in your porridge, Cecil Williamson and his Museum of Witchcraft, Aleister Crowley, Gerald Gardner, The Isle of Man, Toad-skin bound books, Dennis Wheatley, Colin Wilson, The Cold War and UFOs, Occult Intelligence during wartime, Black Propaganda, Rollo Ahmed - the Egyptian Black Magician, Eric Dingwall - the sex obsessed paranormal investigator

…and probably a fair few other things I can’t remember.

Gef… relaxing on a fence
Gef’s House
An artists “impression” of Gef.

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